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Emertxe’s NSDC-ESSCI Certified Embedded IoT course is one of India’s best IoT training for freshers in Bangalore, India. Our advanced full stack Embedded IoT training programs will enable you to build a complete IoT solution on your own using C and Python programming. Emertxe’s IoT course syllabus is in sync with industry needs when it comes to IoT training and placements.

Our Embedded IoT Course focuses on providing end-to-end exposure to participants. The core modules in the course includes Embedded C and Python programming, Embedded IoT interfacing such as Sensors, IoT Device Programming with Raspberry Pi boards, Network connectivity and IoT Protocols, IoT Application development on Linux and deploying the IoT Applications on scalable cloud platforms. You will also get non-functional aspects of IoT which includes what is IoT architecture, IoT security and scalability. These IoT Courses which are delivered as live classes in Bangalore, is a placement oriented training program for BE / BTech / ME / MTech graduates looking to build a career in developing IoT based projects and products. More than 798+ Placement Companies hired Emertxe’s trained graduates last year alone, who underwent Embedded Systems & Emertxe Certified IoT professional (ECIP) programs. Join the most exhaustive IoT Course available in the Industry, Get hired by top IoT Companies even before the course gets over!



List of Online Courses & Internships – Embedded Systems

Our Success Stories with Placements

Name: Shantveer Viraktamath

Company Name: Smart Autosoft

I had a vision to start my career in Embedded domain and Emertxe played a significant role to make my vision come true. The syllabus here is well structured with different modules and each modules will have assignments reaching you to every corner of the module and projects to apply what you learnt. Best of the best companies visit Emertxe and the placement cell is never drained with opportunities.

Name: Shruthi M

Company Name: Tata Power

I really had zero knowledge about embedded systems, in Emertxe I got a very good idea by learning things practically. Good number of companies It's just that it's our duty to convert it into a fruitful one by working on assignments and projects. Learning environment is really good here and I thank Emertxe for what I am now.

Name: Sourav Sasidharan

Company Name: Lekha Wireless

I joined Emertxe after completing my B.Tech, was facing the next big question “What now?” Placement opportunities just after completing the C-module, I am really happy that I got placed in one of them, a core Electronics company with good package. After getting placed we can continue the course during weekends.

Name: Sumanth D V

Company Name: Danlaw

Emertxe is a very good place to learn and explore core Embedded Systems technologies. There is much competition for core jobs, you can emerge as a winner by getting skilled through Emertxe. Mentors teach you everything achieving results depends on your hard-work. I landed in a good job with Danlaw.

Name: Sunita Narasagond

Company Name: Honeywell

Emertxe is the best institution in Embedded training. Mentors teach from the basics and the teaching staff and the mentors are highly skilled. They guide each and every student. Placement team in Emertxe is very good. I got my first job in Honeywell through Emertxe. I am thankful to all Emertxe staff and Placement team.

Name: Sushmitha B

Company Name: Altran

Initial days in Emertxe were very difficult as I was totally new to programming. By spending more time in labs and taking help from lab mentors I slowly started gaining confidence. Emertxe’s teaching, lab assistance and placement support will definitely help you to land in a core job, I was able to land a job with Altran.

Name: Swati

Company Name: Nagravision

Emertxe mentors took us in a systematic journey by teaching each and every subject in a very deep manner that required us to work on multiple assignments and projects. Thankfully, as I gained more skills Emertxe training and got placed in a core company. I would say it's a great journey filled with lot of hard-work, grit and dedication supported by Emertxe.

Name: Thomson Mathew

Company Name: Data Patterns

The best place to learn the embedded course. Learned a lot of advanced technologies. One who is not even having much knowledge will become high in confidence once he completes his course in Emertxe.

Name: Vanesh Trikha

Company Name: Chelsio Communications

Emertxe has been a great experience of learning everything that I failed to understand during my engineering. I had several silly doubts which the mentors cleared patiently. I was less bothered about placements learned as much as possible. Placement is very smooth if you focus on learning in Emertxe.

Name: Vinayaka EN

Company Name: HCL Technologies

This is a very useful course for students aspiring to work in the field of Embedded Programing. I learnt many new concepts in a practical way very little of these concepts are being taught to us in the B.E. syllabus. Emertxe provided me with that bridge to reduce the gap between the industry requirements and helped me to land a job in HCL


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Online Embedded Systems Course & Internships – Why Choose Emertxe?

Learn Online

Online Embedded Systems Course with Placements and internship programs are delivered in a virtual learning model so that you can learn it from your home. Added to that, our structured intervention mechanism consisting of self-paced / recorded videos, unlimited doubt clearing sessions, specific feedback on your output and DISHA workshops makes this program a unique offering in the Indian education ecosystem. This internship will also lay strong foundations for your long term career in the core domains like Embedded Systems and IoT.

Excellent Placement Network

We have excellent set of placement companies who are hiring our trained graduates. Since our students are already trained it helps organizations in terms of lesser training time and faster deployment to real-time product development. Over the years we have established this value proposition with start-ups, mid-size companies and MNCs. Our placement network continue to grow leaps-and-bounds with new age Embedded and IoT companies joining our esteemed client list. Our courses will definitely open up doors for your bright career in the core electronics sector.

Hands-on Approach

Emertxe’s Embedded Systems programs are delivered in a hands-on manner with a fine balance of 70% practicals and 30% theory. This learning-by-doing approach will ensure you will be able to achieve your goals. Be is landing in your first job placement, upskilling and getting ahead in your career or improving skill levels of your employees. Every program will be having measurable outcomes thereby clear ROI for your investments you make in terms of time and money. Over the years we have transformed tons of careers with this approach.

Best in Class Mentoring

Emertxe has the largest set of mentors in India in the training industry. These mentors have in-depth expertise in classroom delivery, hands-on lab mentoring, project guidance and evaluation. They will take you through a systematic journey of skill development by following our well established training delivery model. Along with technical expertise they have very good understanding of learner mindset and hand holding them to get maximum out of every course we teach. Gain maximum benefits by interacting with our mentors.

FAQ & Contact Us

We are pretty sure you will have lot of questions before joining our courses. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at training@emertxe.com

Which companies will hire us after completing the online embedded systems course?

Companies primarily working on embedded systems and IoT domains will be hiring you. These companies may belong to any of the verticals like Automotive,IoT,Transportation,Medical, Consumer electronics,Telecommunication etc. Further these companies can be further categorised into start-ups, mid-size companies and MNCs depending on their size. 

Majority of these companies are located in Bangalore. Some of them are from other cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Thiruvananthapuram.

Since this is an online course how can I get access to hardware?

Our embedded systems online course is delivered by using software simulators, an example being PICSimLab for PIC based microcontrollers. U can learn the entire skills with your laptop / desktop itself, and become hands-on which will map with working on a real hardware.

Having said that, if you still want to work on the actual hardware, you can go ahead and buy the hardware on your own from various vendors available across the country. We will be sharing you to some reference links from where you can buy them online. 

Also whatever the source code you have written using simulator will work in the real hardware by making very minimal changes into the code. That way there won’t be any advantage or disadvantage whether you are learning from a real board or simulator. 

What is the difference between Classroom vs Online Embedded Systems Courses?

In our classroom based embedded systems courses, you are meeting and interacting with the mentor face to face thereby naturally building the engagement.This applies to any classroom based training programs on any topic. In Emertxe it is divided into classroom sessions followed by lab sessions. In the classroom session mentors will be providing you with conceptual understanding followed by hands-on demonstrations.In the lab sessions our lab mentors will guide you to complete assignments. 

In the Online Embedded program, the same experience is replicated using our digital ecosystem which includes Online Virtual classrooms, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Chat tools, Forums etc. Here also classes are divided into virtual classroom and structured interventions instead of lab sessions. In Fact, the online support and intervention provided in Online training is unlimited, just that the delivery mechanism is digital and 100% effective as well.

In both modes of deliveries our team of mentors ensure that there is no compromise with respect to the overall quality and effectiveness of the program. It is up to the individual to follow the instructions provided by the mentors and have the maximum take away. 

Is Online Embedded Classes as effective compared to Classroom based classes?

As called out above, an online classroom cannot 100% substitute for a physical classroom because real people are not present. Apparently, Emertxe has put together a digital ecosystem backed by a strong structured intervention model. This ensures an end-to-end learning process which includes conceptual understanding, hands-on exercises, assignment explainers, doubt clearing, evaluation, regular tests, interview preparation sessions happens without any compromise on the overall effectiveness of delivery.

How can I clarify the doubts in online mode of classes?

In the online mode of classes, you can clarify your doubts in LVC itself via various online interfaces provided to you. However if your doubt requires more time to be spent, you can reach out to our team of mentors via various support channels like – Online Forums, Chat, WhatsApp groups etc. where you can clarify your questions. If it still doesn’t clarify your doubt our mentors will set up a 1:1 session with you using the remote conferencing tool and clarify your doubts. 

In summary we leave no stone unturned and ensure you learn in the right way.

More Questions?

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