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Embedded Workshops in colleges

Summer training and workshops in Embedded Systems and IoT

Emertxe has designed summer training and workshops in Embedded Systems and IoT, suitable for college students to get stated with industry standard projects. Build on your fundamental design and programming skills in order to build cool embedded projects in automotive, robotics and consumer electronics areas. 

Goal: Provide industry exposure to college students by getting them started with hands-on projects in Embedded domain. Ours is a specialized Training institute for summer training in Embedded systems and IoT. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to build real time projects in robotics, automotive and automation domains.

Target audience:

  • Engineering students (starting from 4th semester) onward (EEE / ECE / CSE / IT)
  • MCA students
  • MSc (CSE or IT) students

Duration: 5-15 days depending on requirement


  • Best possible way to provide industry exposure
  • Script programs and create embedded systems projects by the end of workshop
  • Existing repository of projects to provide enriching learning for students
  • Workshop certification and project assignment, will add a feather to student resume
  • Continued support from technical experts using technical forum


  • Send us an email to or call us at +91 809 555 7 333 or +91 80 4128 9576 and share your college requirements
  • Our expert team will create a plan depending on college need by directly working with college professors / staff
  • Logistics details (duration, location, travel etc..) are worked out
  • Emertxe will take complete responsibility of workshop delivery and follow-up

This section consist of course contents and curriculum for short term college Workshops for engineering students. Intense class-room sessions backed by engaging practical hands-on sessions will build on your sound fundamentals. A good quality project execution will make your learning complete and showcase in your resume.

Topics covered: 

  • Micro-controllers (8051 and PIC)programming
  • Systems programming using Linux
  • Embedded C programming


  • Basic electronics understanding
  • Basic C programming knowledge
  • Basic Linux knowledge


  • Standard Linux distribution (SUSE / Ubuntu / Fedora)

Schedule for project based workshop in embedded systems and IoT  and Robotics. Build real time projects and gain edge in job market.

  • Can I do my final year project after attending the workshop?

Absolutely! Workshop is conducted using our self-learning kits (brought along with our mentors) and Linux systems in a hands-on manner. It will expose students to a set of projects that can be built immediately after the workshop. Apart from that, we have a set of ready-made projects and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects which students can explore and benefit from. We have project specifications in automotive, automation, consumer electronics and IoT in order to have a wide exposure for students. Check out our ‘Resources’ section for more details.

  • I am a college professor. How can I have this workshop in my college?

Welcome. Contact emertxe for workshops and summer training on embedded systems by sending an email to our expert team will respond within 24 hours. Our team will work from design (topics, delivery mode, final-goal etc…)to implementation (Logistics, location etc…) of the workshop. In the past we have done it successfully in many colleges by closely working with professors. Check out our Clientele section for more details on our past success stories.

  • How do I purchase self-learning kits?

Self learning kits can be purchased (currently) by calling us at +91 809 555 7 333 or  +91 80 4128 9576 or by sending us an email to with type of kit (Device Driver Kit, PIC Kit etc…). Our shipment team will revert back within 24 hours and take order details and ship them to your location. We are currently in the process of building our on-line shop which will go live soon.

  • What infrastructure to be provided by the college?

Typically we require class-room setup (overhead projectors, individual PCs and serial port connectors) to deliver our workshops. There are some specific configuration/setup information that will be shared during workshop design time which should be setup by the college before hand. This is mainly to ensure our self-learning kits works seamlessly with class-room PCs.

  • What type of certification provided?

Course completion certificates will be provided to all participants upon successful completion. We will organize a programming contest as a part of the workshop, where winners will be specially recognized for their technical capability. These artifacts will add feathers to a student’s resume as industry recognizes our workshops.

  • What is the cost of the workshop?

Costing depends on various factors (duration, location of college, special requirements etc…) which will be discussed during workshop design phase. Since infrastructure is provided by the college, typically these workshops work out to be cost effective.

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