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Emertxe is one the best IoT training institutes in Bangalore. For freshers placement oriented FullStack Embedded IoT course is offered, in alignment with NSDC certification. You will get practical view of sensors, IoT device, IoT gateway, IoT protocols, Cloud integration and Application during the course. The course will also expose you to build the whole solution by building on versatile technical skills.

For working professionals and corporate organizations IoT courses are offered as weekend workshops and customized training programs with definite learning outcomes. We have courses for entire spectrum of IoT technologies and suite of IoT protocols that binds the solution. It will enable working professionals to build real-time IoT use-case on your own.

Our placement oriented courses has a strong backup of 798+ placement companies who have been recruiting our trained students since 2003. Check out our placement section to get complete view of placements.

List Of Courses – IoT

Our Success Stories with Placements

Name: Chandan Kumar Dash

Company Name: Methode Electronics

Without any programming background, I struggled a lot during the initial months of training at Emertxe. With constant support from mentors and with hard-work, I was able to make into core Electronics domain. The best thing about Emertxe – Class and lab mentors. I sincerely thank to Emertxe for making my dreams true.

Name: George Philip

Company Name: Tech Mahindra

I have completed BTech from Amal Jyothi college of Engineering, Kerala. Now I am placed at Tech Mahindra. Emertxe training was excellent. Mentors teach each module in a detail oriented manner. Overall I had a great experience, and would recommend Emertxe for any fresher who want to start their career.

Name: Jyothsna Rangaswamy

Company Name: Sasken

Along with learning core technology, Emertxe offers a platform for overall personality development. U get to interact with highly qualified and experienced mentors clarified my doubts about the concepts. Assessments and projects are very much practical, which helped me to grab a job at Sasken. My simple advice – DON’T miss any classes or labs at Emertxe.

Name: Muhammed Rashad

Company Name: Mindtree

Trainers in Emertxe are very supportive. If you follow the training process properly by completing assignments, projects & module-wise tests, you can crack interviews easily. I highly recommended Emertxe to Freshers who wish to build their career in Embedded field.

Name: Murel Jeniffer Sequeira

Company Name: Qualcomm

In Emertxe, I was taught by amazing faculty and lab mentors. They provided elaborate study material. Projects provided good exposure to different technical aspects. My mentors and classmates believed in me and encouraged me during placements. Overall Emertxe gave me the perfect platform to land a job at Qualcomm with a premium package.

Name: N Sandeep Prabhu

Company Name: Acisia Technologies

Emertxe is the best institute if you want to kick start your career in core embedded domain. They have experienced mentors who will teach you everything from scratch. There are assignments and projects which will enhance our skills. I got placed in ACSIA technologies from this institute and am thankful to them for providing me opportunities.

Name: Nimi Jose

Company Name: Avin Systems

Being myself a young professional, I very well understand the pressure and challenges that youth in India have to go through. Engineering students in India are always walking on the edge, where even a slightest of mistake can ruin their entire career. I would strongly recommend Emertxe as the right place to build your career in core electronics and embedded domain.

Name: Pareddy Sneha Sandhya

Company Name: Sirena Technologies

Emertxe is the right place for those looking for an opportunity to get into electronics companies. At present, there's hard luck to get a chance to attend interviews in core companies. In Emertxe we get to attend a good number of such companies. I got placed in Sirena Technologies into the robotics domain. I thank Emertxe for providing me with such an opportunity.

Name: Pavithra O

Company Name: Graphene Semiconductors

Emertxe is a good institute to learn things and get skilled. Strong determination and hard work is required to pursue this course. All faculty members and team members are very supportive and encouraging.

Name: Pooja Prasannan

Company Name: UST Global

Very big thanks to Emertxe team for giving better placement opportunity and valuable knowledge. Quality of teaching, Behaviour of lab/class mentors, Standardised assignments / industrial project as well as highly trained and professional mentors make Emertxe as great place to learn. It is more than enough to put you on the right career for freshers.


Embedded Systems & IoT Courses with Placements – Regular Classes

Embedded & IoT Weekend Courses – For Professionals

Emertxe Certified Embedded IoT Course
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Embedded Weekend Workshops – For Working Professionals

IoT Courses – Why choose Emertxe?

Hands-on Approach

Emertxe’s IoT courses are delivered in a hands-on manner with a fine balance of 70% practicals and 30% theory. This learning-by-doing approach will ensure you will be able to achieve your goals. Be is landing in your first job placement, up-skilling and getting ahead in your career or improving skill levels of your employees. Have clear ROI for training investments. Over the years we have transformed tons of careers with this approach.

Excellent Placement Network

We have excellent set of placement companies who are hiring our trained graduates. Since our students are already trained it helps organizations in terms of lesser training time and faster deployment to real-time product development. Over the years we have established this value proposition with start-ups, mid-size companies and MNCs. Our placement network continue to grow leaps-and-bounds with new age Embedded and IoT companies joining our esteemed client list. Our courses will definitely open up doors for your bright career in the Electronics sector.

IoT E2E Solution Building

Our IoT courses are created by keeping end-to-end solution in mind. Starting with sensors, our course will get you hands-on perspective about building IoT device, IoT gateway and using various web-scale IoT protocols. Followed by that it will expose you to various popular IoT cloud platforms and applications which you will be able to connect and demonstrate a complete solution. Given the vast nature of IoT having this perspective will lay strong foundations to build a career in this domain.

Best in Class Mentoring

Emertxe has the largest set of mentors in India in the training industry. These mentors have in-depth expertise in classroom delivery, hands-on lab mentoring, project guidance and evaluation. They will take you through a systematic journey of skill development by following our well established training delivery model. Along with technical expertise they have very good understanding of learner mindset and hand holding them to get maximum out of every course we teach. Gain maximum benefits by interacting with our mentors.

FAQ & Contact Us

We are pretty sure you will have lot of questions before joining our courses. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at training@emertxe.com

How do you help me with placements in IoT Companies?

Emertxe’s trainings and placement division which has direct contacts with more than 1200+ Embedded and IoT companies in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune etc who look for hiring skilled engineering freshers. These companies who seek qualified IoT resources, are aware of our course syllabus, training methodology and industry expertise of our mentoring team. By hiring our trained candidates in IoT domain, companies benefit in terms of faster deployment, lower cost and better hiring conversion. Hence Emertxe is one of the most sought after IT finishing schools for core companies – start-ups, mid-size organizations and large scale MNCs. Every month minimum 80-90 placement companies participate in hiring our students at Emertxe, Pls refer our embedded placements page for details.. 

On the technical delivery side Emertxe training programs are rigorous and practical in nature where students go through immersive learning experience. This means every session, every day is a learning day, where students are continuously working building and upskilling their practical skills in IoT and embedded programming. As a proof of output students will be producing average of 40 assignments / module and 7 to 8 IoT projects in their resume by the end of the course. This up-skilling process resolves the industry-academia gap by making entry level engineers employable.

When these skilled students face placement companies a win-win proposition is created by achieving placements for our trained fresher students in IoT as well as for the companies as well.

When can I start attending placements?

Typically placements for our IoT Students at Emertxe start in 3rd or 4th month onward once students complete programming languages modules (Programming in Python and C modules). However placements will continue in the remaining part of the course and even after end of the course.

What is the salary levels of placed students in Embedded Systems and IoT Domain in India?

Salary levels for the students who are placed depends purely depends on companies hiring for fresher jobs. As per our statistics, Emertxe has placed students in the range between INR 3.0L to INR 27.3 Lakhs per annum CTC. 

As a mentoring team, we strongly advise our students not to decide on a company purely by looking into salary levels rather look into the nature of work, exposure you will be getting and type of projects that they are working on. This will ensure you always stay on a continuous learning path and become a critical contributing team member of the organization. This will ensure in a long term your salary levels grow in a very healthy phase, sometimes get more paid than even market standards. 

In summary it’s all a skill-game! The more skilled you are the more pay you get and grow it on a sustainable basis over a long period of time.

Do you have IoT projects based on standard boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.?

Yes. Since we have high Embedded focus in our course we ensure students implement projects on a non-OS (controlled based) boards like Arduino and OS (Linux) based boards like Raspberry Pi. Apart from that for introductory modules like C students are provided with PC based projects. So in combination you will be implementing projects in various platforms to get a flavour of each one of them. 

However our mentoring team strongly believes that IoT platforms continue to change with new boards getting released into the market on a continuous basis. So our recommendation is focus on core fundamentals (Excellent Design, Optimization, User interface, Error handling etc…) so that you will be able to implement them on any board.

What is Disha? What are the components part of it?

Disha (meaning “direction”) is career track component part of the IoT course – ECIP. Along with technical skills it is important for students to get trained in some other areas (ex: facing interviews). Disha is an initiative from Emertxe to train our students in this area as well. This consist of the following components:

  • Resume preparation workshop – How to create an impressive resume for placement companies?
  • Interview facing workshop – How to face technical and HR interviews effectively? What are the best practices to follow? How to avoid common mistakes? 
  • Seminars – Interaction with industry experts on experience sharing, soft skills and career building 
  • Counselling – Career counselling / Interview tips / Higher study support (ex: LOR) to students 

In summary, with our years of experience in the industry we bring in practical, implementable aspects in DISHA so that students achieve the goal of placements.

More Questions?

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