Embedded Systems Course For Professionals - FAQs

Upskill Yourself and Achieve a Career Transition into Core Electronics Industry

Embedded Systems Course For Professionals - A Brief

The electronics industry in India is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by the widespread adoption of devices and the nation’s advantageous demographics. Despite being in roles like IT applications development, marketing and sales, technical support, or teaching, many working professionals aspire to transition into the core electronics industry. Emertxe’s online Embedded Systems course for working professionals addresses this need by providing a pathway to enter the heart of the electronics field.


Our program offers the flexibility of online learning, coupled with exceptional mentor support and adaptable models, ensuring that you can up-skill while managing your professional commitments. By completing our course, you’ll gain the specialised knowledge and expertise required to excel in the core electronics industry, facilitating a seamless transition into a sector ripe with opportunity and innovation.

Embedded Systems Course For Professionals - FAQs

Before signing up for our embedded systems course, we are sure you will have numerous questions. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference.
In case you still have anything specific write to us at training@emertxe.com 

Enrollment FAQs

Please apply for this free internship in embedded systems from the application form given above. Our team will do a screening and let you know about your selection status and further details.

For this Internship for engineering students, as a student you don’t need to pay anything. It’s our vision to contribute to industry-academia gap, which we have been doing for the past 20+ years in various channels.

The entire internship program is done via Emertxe’s online / digital ecosystem. This means you will be using virtual conferencing tools, chat ecosystem, online submission tools etc…to do your internship. Hence, a good laptop / PC with stable internet connectivity is mandatory for this program.

Project FAQs

Since this is an online program, you will be using a micro-controller simulator software. This simulator will give 1:1 learning experience just like using real hardware. We don’t want our students to take the additional burden of purchasing the hardware, hence taken the simulator approach. Of course, if you want to purchase the hardware on your own, we will share the links to buy.

In our Internship for engineering students programs, we will not be focusing on a particular version of Linux. We will be picking and choosing the Linux versions that are more competitive and makes the overall learning more effective. In the recent past we have been using Ubuntu and xUbuntu as they have good GUI and package support.

Typically, you will be working on a micro-controller based Embedded project applied in domains like automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics etc. The project topic and selection will be done by the mentors, who will be communicating it once the Internships in Embedded Systems program kicks-off.

Career FAQs

This Internship for engineering students in Embedded Systems will open a gateway to your core job, which can be broadly classified as follows:


  1. Program and develop a component of non-OS based Embedded device (Example – Wearable)
  2. Design and develop a component OS-based Embedded device (Example – Routers)
  3. Development / Enhancement of networking protocols in Embedded Systems (Example – Voice Over IP)
  4. Customizing and configuring Linux for a given Embedded target device
  5. Testing of Embedded system (Functional / Non-functional / Integration testing)

No. This is purely an Internship for engineering students program. If you want to get into a job, please check our placement oriented longer term programs in Embedded Systems and IoT.

Yes. This internship can act as a bridge before you enroll for Master’s Degree, especially with foreign universities. Depending on your performance in the internship we can provide you with a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) which has helped tons of students to get admission along with TA / RA. A good number of our students get admissions into top-notch universities based out of the USA / Europe / Singapore.

Resume FAQs

Creating an impressive resume is a very important item to have a success in any field. Hiring companies look for specific skill sets and its correct representation before shortlisting them for fresher jobs. As a part of Internship for engineering students we conduct a workshop for creating an impressive resume by calling out skill sets and project work. By the end of the workshop students will have a professional quality resume ready that can be sent to companies for placements.


Your resume will have the following critical components added by the end of Emertxe’s Internships in Embedded Systems.


  • Foundational Skills – C & Linux
  • Embedded Skills – Micro-controller programming
  • Project Skills – SDLC usage, Working and demonstrable project 
  • Tools – Debuggers, Cross-compilers, Editors and many more

Resumes play a very important role in getting a profile shortlisted. It should demonstrate necessary technical skill-sets and project output to showcase an individual’s capability. Based on our experience we observed students won’t spend much time in building a quality resume and tend to copy/paste from their friends/colleagues. Added to that today’s fresh engineers don’t have much to write in their resume by the end of their degree.


With our internship programs students will be able to build a stack of core Embedded skills with a set of impressive projects. It is equally important to showcase it well by creating a professional-looking resume. As a part of DISHA, resume building workshop is conducted where students are given Emertxe – Resume Template and Resume preparation best practices so that they create a very good resume that impresses the employers.

In summary, an impressive resume is an integral part of your career growth and success. With workshops, we bring in necessary awareness and hands-on tools to ensure you are ahead in the job market by opening up more possibilities.