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Placement Companies in Emertxe

Placement companies in Emertxe can be categorised as:


  • Start-ups
  • Mid-size companies
  • MNCs / Indian Big Companies

By hiring our trained students, companies benefit in terms of lesser time to hire, faster deployment to projects, reduce time and effort. We are very proud that more than 80% of the companies are repeat recruiters.


Over a period of time we have built a huge amount of trust with our placement companies thanks to our excellent quality of delivery and professional placement services. With Embedded Systems becoming a core of the Electronics industry, we look forward to make stronger contribution to India’s talent pool


MNC or Indian Big Companies

MNCs or Indian big companies are the ones who have few thousands of employees in India. Emertxe is their preferred partner for their off-campus and on-demand requirements. Over a period of time our students have even outperformed 1.5 – 2 year experienced professionals in these top companies.

Mid Size Companies

Mid size companies are primarily involved either in providing engineering services to larger organizations or doing their own indigenous product development or both. These organizations offer excellent learning and growth opportunities for budding engineers by having a variety of project experiences.

Start-up Companies

With India and Bangalore becoming one of the top start-up destination in the globe, many of the start-ups hire from our organization. These start-ups are typically working on their innovative ideas and in the process of commercialising it. Some of our students were early members of the start-ups and grown to very senior positions as they company grew.