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Embedded IoT course syllabus and curriculum:

Emertxe’s IoT training course syllabus and curriculum is systematically designed in sync with industry needs (endorsed by NSDC – IoT Application Engineer – ELE/Q3911 (Level 5)), thereby enabling to build a complete IoT solution on your own. Download your copy of Embedded IoT syllabus PDF here. 

This advanced Internet of Things Course Syllabus gets delivered as a classroom program starting with basics (ex: setting up IoT platform). Followed by that deep dive programming topics (C and Python) and connectivity (IoT protocols) aspects are covered. As a result this course will enable participants to build end-to-end  IoT solutions. This course also gives you non-functional perspectives of building security and performance tuning of IoT solutions.

Internet Of Things Course Syllabus:

  • Overview of IoT and High level Architecture

IoT Course Syllabus

  • Setting up IoT work-flow
  • Programming with Advanced C / Embedded C
  • Micro-controller programming using Arduino
  • Programming with Python
  • Building IoT Applications using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Protocols: HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, 6LoWPAN.
  • IoT Cloud Infrastructure
  • Performance and Security in IoT


  • Fresh Engineers (EC, EE, TC, CS, IT / MSc / MCA)
  • Working professionals with introductory knowledge in programming


  • Ubuntu / Mandriva Linux based lab
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Open source / Amazon IoT platforms

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