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IoT Career Guide

IoT Careers | IoT Jobs | IoT Career Guide:

IoT is BIG and REAL. Some statistics* are as follows:

  • Roughly about 30+ Billion IoT devices to be deployed by 2019
  • IoT solutions will connect 4 Billion people across the world
  • More than 60 Million USD investments in IoT based Indian start-ups
  • From 2014 onwards IoT jobs demand has increased by 300%
  • Excellent IoT Careers – 10 Million IoT jobs will be created
  • About 1 Billion USD investment Government alone
Careers in IoT (Internet-of-Things):

Based on our research, we understand IoT careers is still a statement of confusion among Engineers. Hence IoT is interpreted in multiple perspectives. From the Electronics / Embedded / Core engineer many of the following questions remain unanswered:

  • How to interpret IoT from skills perspective?
  • What additional skills an Electronics / Electrical / Computer science engineer should have in order to have a career in this domain?
  • How different Embedded and IoT job profiles are?
  • What role protocols play in IoT?

In order to clarify them Internet Of Things Careers guide is prepared by our team. This guide is an output of our years of market research and interaction with multiple industry veterans.

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* Reference from popular market research reports like NASSCOM / E & Y / Economic Times / IDC research

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