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Renesas GR Peach – IoT design contest
Emertxe is knowledge partner for Renesas GR peach IoT design contest.

iot design contestRenesas Electronics Corporation (http://www.renesas.com) is the world’s premier supplier of microcontrollers (MCU’s) and advanced semiconductor solutions including MCUs, system-on-chip solutions and a broad-range of analogue and power devices. Every year Renesas organizes design contest based on their embedded reference platforms to build a win-win proposition among all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

iot design contest - emertxe knowledge partner

This year Emertxe is their knowledge partner for their contest titled GR peach. The theme is going to be based on Internet-Of-Things (IoT), where engineers can submit their innovative ideas, build a prototype and win exciting prices as much as 3,00,000 INR with loads of goodies. Along with the commercial price money, such contest will harness innovative mindset of engineers. If you are an engineer having an idea or an enthusiast to explore new thing in technology, this competition is an ideal platform to showcase your talent. You will also get ample opportunities to interact with folks in the electronics, open-source and Linux ecosystem.

Last date to submit abstracts are Aug 15th, all important links are provided below:

Contest home-page: http://renesas.electronicsforu.com/

Register here: http://pay.electronicsforu.com/renesas/register.asp

GR peach board details: http://gadget.renesas.com/en/product/peach.html


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