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Renesas GR peach IoT contest – Grand finale

Emertxe (http://www.emertxe.com/) was part of judging panel selecting Renesas GR peach IoT contest winners.

Emertxe was the knowledge partner for Renesas Electronics Corporation (http://www.renesas.com) organized GR peach IoT design contest for the year 2016. During April 2016 ideas were invited from working professionals, hobbyists, students, enthusiasts and academia ecosystem in the areas of IoT. These ideas were further shortlisted by a panel of senior technologists from team Emertxe thereby selecting top 100 ideas from over 300 ideas that were submitted. These top 100 participants were provided with Renesas GR peach board and required interfacing devices to build proof-of-concept demonstrating their idea.

The grand finale for this GR peach contest, was held for top 25 folks who had good proof-of-concept working. They brought their working model and provided live demonstrated to panel of judges from multiple organizations (including Emertxe). These working models came from different domain like automotive, consumer electronic, agriculture, smart city etc. For the final panel, Emertxe was represented by our technology head Mr. Mubeen Jukaku.

GR peach contest

GR Peach Contest – Winners 2016

Apart from participating in evaluating finalists, Mr. Mubeen shared his perspective on IoT and what are the key aspects engineers need to keep in mind while building prototypes. His main point was to take an engineering approach by taking functional, non-functional, user and technological factors into considerations. He also highlighted some of the best practices followed in this GR peach contest, which helps engineers to convert and idea into working prototype.

The event concluded with felicitation for all event partners. Mr. Maaz Jukaku (MD, Emertxe) accepted the felicitation on behalf of team Emertxe and interacted with key stakeholders in the event. The event was concluded in a festive mood with great deal of photo-ops with all participants, partners and Renesas India senior management. Have a look into GR peach photo album.


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