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Fresher Placements for Embedded Courses in Bangalore – A new record in placements
Emertxe sets a new placement record during Jan 2019 with 43 placement drives. The demand for skilled hands-on embedded systems engineers from institutes, has been significantly improving year on year compared to freshers without any hands-on skills. In our previous news item our institute shared detailed placement record for the First Half (Jan-June) and Second Half (July-Dec) of 2018. In the second half report, we called out that 2019 looks positive with more companies lined up during January. As per our past record we usually have 25 companies coming for recruitment every month. In this January 2019 we set a new record by having 43 company drives, almost 90% from Bangalore itself. Details are given below regarding our new record about embedded systems training in Bangalore with placements.

Great Start to 2019 placements for Emertxe’s Students:

2019, has proved to be a great start. Embedded system and IoT is one of the most trending and hot topics for students to learn as well as companies to recruit more. Ever since new year from Jan 2019 itself, there was  significant increase in placement enquiries from companies. We had all types of companies enquiring which included startups to mid-range companies and multinational companies.  We understand all of them have signed up large set of projects in 2019 for which 2018 trained students in embedded courses were recruited via our institute’s embedded placement division. This is mainly because they wanted  skilled students specifically in embedded systems, with focus on deep embedded c skills, and linux internals to join them immediately.

As per Emertxe’s  placement process, we opened up batches who completed minimum required modules of Linux Programming and C programming modules. By acquiring these skills there were notch ahead of other freshers getting recruited from the other embedded institutes across India. With a written commitment of minimum 9 placement chances, we saw significant interest from students by flocking these job applications with few minutes, by our students who have joined for embedded systems training in Bangalore with placements. Some of the big names like L&T, Honeywell, Qualcomm, Sasken, Valeo participated in the off-campus recruitment process and complete information is mentioned in the image below.

Embedded Systems Training in Bangalore with Placements.

Student Conversion Ratio:

One of the unique advantage we offer to hiring companies is better hiring ratio. This means total number of selections vs total number of candidates will be better in terms of percentage, by hiring from our institute rather than any other channels. Typically when organizations hire from open channels (ex: fresher walk-in) this ratio cannot be guaranteed as technical capability of incoming candidates is a unknown factor. Some of the senior HR professionals shared ratio can get as low as 10% which is not a good sign for any organization. On the other hand Emertxe has designed a system which ensures input student quality, thereby helping organizations to increase their hiring ration. As organizations will be spending significant amount of resources (online written test, commuting, senior technical and HR members spending their valuable time interviews, assessments etc…) they always want better results in terms of ROI.

During January 2019 hiring, we saw significant jump in hiring ratio which touched as high as 40%. This is a significant testimony of our internal training process which ensures candidate skill improvement happens (after completing minimum 40 assignments/module combined with 1-2 real-time projects per topic)  when they appear for the drive. Multiple senior HR professionals has extended their thanks and appreciation to team Emertxe as they got the best hiring ratio from Emertxe. Team Emertxe is excited with such positive appreciation from companies, want to keep the momentum as we move forward.

Companies that Visited in January 2019 for Embedded Fresher Placement Drives:

Placement Drive – Jan 2019 Dates Company Hiring Embedded Freshers @ Emertxe   
Jan 2nd,2019 Zetamp
Jan 3rd,2019 Radel Advanced Technology
Jan 3rd,2019 Asmaitha Wireless
Jan 3rd,2019 GlobalEdge
Jan 3rd,2019 Easi Engineering
Jan 3rd,2019 Autofusa
Jan 4th,2019 Cognetworx Technologies
Jan 4th,2019 Accord Software
Jan 5th,2019 Biodesign Innovation Labs   
Jan 5th,2019 Graphene Semiconductor  
Jan 7th,2019 Sasken
Jan 8th,2019 Assystem Technologies
Jan 9th,2019 Technicolor
Jan 9th,2019 Appiness Interactive
Jan 10th,2019 Aricent Technologies
Jan 11th,2010 L&T
Jan 11th,2019 VVDN Technologies
Jan 14th,2019 Intimetec
Jan 14th,2019 OneAccess Networks
Jan 16th,2019 Ak-Aerotek
Jan 16th,2019 RiverSilica
Jan 17th,2019 CognetThings
Jan 17th,2019 Valeo
Jan 17th,2019 Dexcel Designs
Jan 18th,2019 Honeywell
Jan 19th,2019 Graphene Semiconductors
Jan 21st,2019 SM Electronics
Jan 21st,2019 Kemsys Technologies
Jan 22nd,2019 Hinduja Tech
Jan 23rd,2019 Lekha Wireless
Jan 23rd,2019 Alten-Cresttek
Jan 23rd,2019 AtriaLogic
Jan 24th,2019 Funambolo Technologies
Jan 24th,2019 V3 Novus
Jan 28th,2019 Zetamp
Jan 28th,2019 Kemsys     Technologies
Jan 29th,2019 Atria Logic
Jan 29th,2019 Intimetec
Jan 29th,2019 Janitri Innovations
Jan 29th,2019 Integra Micro
Jan 29th,2019 Qualcomm
Jan 30th,2019 Trident Infosol
Jan 31st,2019 Agiledge Process Solutions

Please refer to the Emertxe Placement page for further details.

2019 has started on a very positive note with significant jump in terms of placement companies. Companies want students who are industry ready. Emertxe exactly produces them by skilling entry level engineers with hands-on practical training in a positive environment. With this approach we bring down the significant gap that exists between industry and academia, which is major problem faced by students these days. With this success story we look forward to gear up more for the rest of the year with more changes in curriculum changes, additional preparation sessions and specialized project work for our students.

Will keep you posted, watch out for this news sections for more updates!  If you have any queries, please feel free to Send us an email or Call us @ 8095557333


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