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For Corporates


Emertxe works with corporate organizations on providing skilled engineers and corporate training delivery. Depending on need we offer standard and custom training programs. Our weekend workshops are conducted for professionals to enhance their skill in a particular area.

Hire our trained fresh engineers with upgraded skill levels. With our hands-on, practical approach student go though transition in phases to meet industry requirements.



  • Skilled engineers:
    • Engineers trained as per Hiring Company skills
    • Better conversion rates in hiring process
  • Reduced cost:
    • No fee to be paid for hiring trained engineers
    • Students pay the fee for training program, reduces induction training cost
  • Faster  deployments:
    • Lesser ramp-up time, post hiring
    • Faster deployment of skilled engineers into projects


Target audience: Campus hires of an organization, delivered as a part of corporate on-boarding

Salient features:

  • Customizable – Depending on nature of organization and their requirements
  • E2E ownership – Design to delivery, Emertxe takes E2E ownership
  • Past experience – 5000+ man hours of on-boarding training given to 1000+ campus hires
  • Continuous improvement – Feed-forward approach to cater future needs of the organization
  • Joint evaluation – Along with corporate leaders to assess candidates for project deployment

Get started: Visit our ‘Fresher – On-boarding’ detailed section to get started.

Target audience: Professionals working in corporate organizations


  • Weekend option – Workshops are conducted on weekends, comfortably take time-off from your busy schedule
  • Workshop model –  Specifically designed for faster ramp-up
  • Free kits – With every workshop, free self-learning kits are are provided
  • Expert trainers – Workshop are delivered by experienced expert trainers who have industry work experience

Workshop topics (click on individual links to get details): 

Duration: 2 days (Saturday & Sunday, Morning 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Get started: Getting started information is provided as a part of individual workshop item. Check out them for enrollment. In case of any queries feel free to reach us at 


  • Organization’s continuous skill enhancement needs by understanding business needs
  • Engagement models:
    • On-demand – Short term programs
    • Continuous L & D – Long term programs

On-demand training:

  • Delivered based on on-demand corporate requirement
  • Depending immediate on the need of the organization
  • Technology and Software engineering topics

Continuous L & D program:

  • Longer term program by understanding strategic priorities
  • Highly focused on creating business impact
  • Industry standard competency assessment model
  • Combination of various methods (Classroom, Self learning, Hands-on etc.)
  • Cloud based assessment system for efficiency, automation and management decision making
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