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IEEE Student Leadership Congress – 2014
IEEE Bangalore section, in collaboration with Basaveshwar Engineering College (BEC), Bagalkot organized IEEE student Leadership Congress – 2014 during November 8-9 2014. About 100+ IEEE student leaders from top engineering colleges of Karnataka were selected for this conference, where team Emertxe had an opportunity to provide a keynote address followed by a demo about Internet-Of-Things (IoT).

BEC is one of the popular colleges in North Karnataka area, existing for more than 50 years. Team Emertxe was invited by IEEE Bangalore chapter for sharing our knowledge and real-time working experience about IoT, as we have been building some real time devices. Considering the vast nature of IoT, it was decided to keep the topic to basics by keeping it as “IoT : A beginners view” .Our scope was to cover how IoT has evolved over a period of time which is achieving the benefit of connecting anything, anytime and anywhere in the globe.

To provide practical view of IoT, we have demonstrated a Machine-To-Machine (M2M) use case for IoT using our reference device.  Our example was about beverage industry (as a case) where IoT can automate the whole chain of beverage processing by connecting various entities. Starting with retailer’s ordering system this chain extends up to triggering a manufacturing job at the shop floor for producing required number of beverage bottles. Assume the following workflow:

  1. End customer picks up a set of beverage bottles from the retail shop
  2. Number of bottles for that particular type of beverage runs out due to this purchase
  3. Automatic sensors detects this information and creates a new order with the beverage manufacturer
  4. After taking care of necessary purchase-ordering process, the order will now be routed to manufacturing line for producing requested number of bottles automatically
  5. The final entity in this chain runs the manufacturing job and gives notification about its completion
  6. This whole message gets routed back and appropriate shipment process gets kick-started

In the above mentioned flow we have demonstrated step number (4) and (5) using our reference devices. There were many questions (from students) around IoT in the areas of embedded programming, sensor interfacing and building business logic etc, which was clarified well by our expert team.

The conference concluded with price distribution ceremony for various activities/competition held during the conference. Target audience were from pre-final and final year from EEE / ECE / CSE background, our talk was well received by the team by providing positive feedback. We also announced Emertxe internship program in the conference in order to engage interested folks in the area of IoT.  Our presentation slide is given below, a short video can be accessed by clicking here.

We had great fun in the event, looking forward to share our knowledge in future events as well.



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