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Emertxe’s Online Training Programs in Embedded Systems & IoT

The reason why Emertxe is the best choice for career advancement:

eLearning and Online training programs are the way forward in the COVID-19 disrupted world. Riding along the digital revolution will ensure engineers are future-ready with skills to not only secure but retain employment. Emertxe is the pioneering force in the Embedded Systems and IoT industry by offering courses in the most relevant and highly demanded technologies leading to the high placement rates and success of its students. Having said that we are coming across questions like:

Well, the answer is not straightforward. It’s a combination of multiple things. Let us deep-dive into it in this article.

The core issue of existing online learning platforms!

The EdTech revolution has changed the landscape of eLearning around the globe. Governments and institutions joined the global race to prove themselves in this domain. The Government of India actioned the Skill India initiative, offering its vocational courses for improving employability. The Government of India also tightened regulations for educational institutions offering courses. Several platforms like edX, Swayam and Coursera offer free courses. Certificates can also be obtained at affordable prices on platforms like FutureLearn and Udemy.

The user experience is seamless on these portals. Information is in small digestible chunks. Lessons are engaging because they use a mixture of reading, listening, and writing. In addition, quizzes and networking through social media make learning on such portals effortless and enjoyable. Although the enrollment rate is high, the rate at which learners complete the course is very low. Only highly-driven and self-motivated independent learners end up completing them which make up to hardly 10% of those enrolled. The remaining 90% are aspirational learners. Aspirational learners have a vision that propels them to climb their career ladders. But often lose steam in the face of the uphill learning curve and there is nobody to hand-hold them in these platforms.

How to address 90% of learners?

Aspirational learners, 90%, find it difficult to consume content from learning portals. This limits how much a learner is able to understand and process. Learners often use their friend’s networks and social media platforms for doubt clearance. However, this may not always yield the correct results. Professional mentoring and guidance is of prime importance. The lack of mentoring and support is the main cause of drop-off rates on the majority of the online learning programs as mentioned above. The learning experience then loses its charm and becomes more difficult. Hence, learners are not up skilled and therefore, not able to implement knowledge.

How did Emertxe solve the Online learning issue for aspirational learners?

Emertxe’s online courses are launched with the vision to address this challenge and make 90% of the learners produce output and achieve results in terms of placements. For example by giving learners access to forums, WhatsApp with mentors for 12 hours each working day, a good number of learning hurdles are overcome and results are produced through instant communication. Assessments and projects further reinforce the knowledge gained.

Emertxe follows a hybrid model of online training programs with excellent intervention. Hence, balancing the larger reach with technology and personalized attention required by learners. Besides mentor ship, Emertxe’s learners will get unlimited placement opportunities within the embedded and IoT industries up to one year after course completion. Emertxe is unique in this aspect, no other online portal offers placement opportunities.

Emertxe’s Online Training Program Approach

Emertxe’s training ethos consists of a consistent, well-rounded training approach. The format allows students to query when confused, unlearn when mistaken, and relearn through implementation in real-time projects and assessments. Hard and soft skills are taught so that learners can secure employment and succeed in life. Our DISHA workshops offer skill-building, from communication to leadership. Training and placement opportunities encourage our learners to prove themselves. Our mentors provide guidance to help learners reach over and above their aspirations. The hand-holding approach and customization of courses develop and refines the taste of our learners. Upskilling professionals, in particular, realize their ambitions and demand tailored courses. The results-oriented, outcome-based learning approach is hence the most beneficial and rewarding.

Emertxe online training approach

Online learning portals just supply content to cater to the demand of the relevant subject. However, Emertxe follows a dynamic five-step approach. The processes involved are conducive to interactive learning. Regular intervention sessions with feedback and recorded classes with unlimited lifetime access. At Emertxe learners have to process, interpret and produce content to show understanding. This is true for the duration of 80% of the course and is the main differentiating factor that separates Emertxe from its competition. Hence, learners are encouraged to use all the resources offered by Emertxe to improve their learning. Upskilling professionals have the additional advantage of choosing their specialist topics.

The reasons why Emertxe online courses and training programs in embedded systems and IoT are the best choice for career advancement are as follows:

Online Learning at Emertxe pays detailed attention to the learner’s needs. Greater participation is ensured through communication on portals, networks, and social media. A well-rounded grounding in the relevant field through communication with experts, 12-hours support (9 AM – 9 PM IST) each working day. Dedicated support, guidance and mentorship, aspire learners to fulfill course requirements. It sets the framework for them to take steps closer to their ambitions for a fruitful career in a supportive learning environment.

Online Learning at Emertxe offers learners unlimited access to pre-recorded lessons. Review and retention are hence possible at the comfort of the learner’s own time. The advantage of this is that the core principles centered around fundamental concepts can be refreshed as and when required.

Online learning with Emertxe gives you access to hands-on learning. Specialist mentorship in virtual classrooms and additional lab support mentors facilitate learning. Progress is tracked through regular tests, assessments, and projects.

Emertxe’s Online courses give you access to several employment opportunities, for up to one year after completing the course. During this year, learners are welcome to apply for as many opportunities as they deem fit. There are about 35 to 40 placement drives organized on an average every month.

Emertxe courses are certified by the NSDC (National Skill Development Council). This provides learners to obtain the Government of India (Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) certificate through Electronics Skill Sector of India (ESSCI) under the job profile of an Embedded Software Engineer. The main advantage of this certification is that the learner will already be skill-ready to execute industry projects. This will help to save resources. Time and money spent on training can be used to take on additional opportunities.

How are placements taking place at Emertxe during the Pandemic?

Emertxe Placement Trends

Emertxe offers its current student’s placement opportunities. We invite all players in the industry, MNC’s to start-ups, looking to hire embedded and IoT engineers. Our candidates are able to showcase their talent and companies offer competitive packages. We run 25-35 placement drives each month. As displayed in the graph above, the number of placement companies fell on the onset of the pandemic, March-April. Emertxe was quick to respond to the pandemic and ensure student’s safety. Virtual classes prevented disruption and candidates were able to successfully up skill themselves.

Emertxe’s quality training and student support system made it rise above its challenges posed by the pandemic. Communicating with candidates to understand their challenges and virtual face-to-face training sessions was the secret to the quick bounce back. Most firms hiring at premier educational institutions in India are not honoring their offer. Emertxe is proud of the ecosystem it has built-in embedded systems engineering and IoT. Sharp India, HCL, Altran, Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors were the few companies who successfully hired during the onset of the pandemic, encouraging other companies to do the same. Emertxe’s placement opportunities are only made possible by the sheer brilliance of teaching and the desire of candidates to outperform themselves.

Why enroll at Emertxe immediately?

Single Most important reason is to get a headstart in cutting-edge technologies like embedded systems and IoT, by learning directly from the experts in the industry. Experts at Emertxe are trained to make you future-ready. As economies slip into recession, competition will be fierce. The only way you can prove your worth is through upskilling yourself. Rise from challenges, whether personal or pandemic induced, with the support of Emertxe. Empower yourself by taking the self-motivated initiative of self-learning and self-development with Emertxe. Enrol at Emertxe.com today. It will be an immersive, learner-centric, outcome-bound and enjoyable eLearning experience.


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